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Why Choose

Our IoT Solutions?

Monitor environmental conditions continuously

Environmental conditions inside farms and greenhouses are constantly collected by sensors and then updated to the IoT system. The collected data is then sent to the IoT cloud to store and analyze.

Ensure the optimal growth environment for crops

The system automatically determines when to take care and accurately quantify the needs of mushrooms or plants (temperature, humidity...). It then controls related equipment to regulate environmental conditions.

Support multiple operational modes

The IoT system supports multiple operational modes, including manual mode, timer-based mode, and automatic mode. Changing between the operational modes can be easily done by an application on smartphones. 

Monitor and control farm's environment from anywhere

The IoT system is managed and controlled by a smartphone application that is professionally designed and easy to use. This application helps farmers to easily monitor and control environmental conditions inside their farms and greenhouses from anywhere.

Manage data professionally

The whole process of growth, the history of the environmental conditions and the operating history of the system are stored on the IoT cloud. The data can be accessed, visualized, and analyzed. 

Use advanced technologies

The IoT system uses LoRa technology, which has key features of long-range and low power, and a two-layer encryption technique to enhance the security of data communications between the IoT devices. Big Data and AI algorithms will be also applied to make exact and predictive farming decisions.

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