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IoT Solutions
for Greenhouses


In greenhouses, sensor nodes are used to monitor in real-time and collect environmental parameters and soil quality (such as ambient temperature, humidity, light illuminance, soil moisture, CO2 gas…) and send the collected data to the Main node (Gateway). Based on the collected sensor data, the Main node controls equipment inside the greenhouses such as irrigation systems, fans, heat… to keep the growth conditions optimal for crops. 

The sensor data is then sent to the IoT cloud to be stored, analyzed, and visualized further. Our IoT system supports multiple operational modes, including automatic mode, manual mode, and timer-based mode.  

Owners and growers can monitor and control their greenhouses’ conditions from anywhere.  

IoT-based farming is highly efficient when compared with the conventional approach. Better control of the growing process requires fewer resources to maintain that process as well as obtaining better quality and quantity of products. 

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